Mains parallel operation PFU

The inverter for mains parallel operation REVCON® PFU is a combination of DC converter (REVCON RSU/RSD), and a regen unit (REVCON RHD). With the inverter, electrical energy which, for example, is created by photovoltaic systems or synchronous generators (wind and hydroelectric power plants) may be transferred energy supply network. The Input voltage level and frequency of the input in variable within wide limits.

With the use of a plant-specific set point, the feed-in power can be controlled in detail.

Up to an output of 30kW, all the required components are combined in one single assembly unit of only 90dm³. In order to enable output power up to 300kW, DC-DC converter and regen unit are designed separately.

Due to our unique switching principle, it is currently not possible to reach a shift of cos (?). with our regen units. Thus, compliance with the feed directive VDE AR N4105 cannot be realized without any additional external components. The PFU systems are therefore especially suitable for industrial networks.