Supply units

By usingn REVCON® feed units, several drives can be coupled via the DC bus. Beside a choke for limiting the harmonics, the REVCON EDC has its own pre-charging circuit ensuring the limitation of the inrush current to permissible values. Due to the feed function, the mains connection of the variable frequency drive is no longer required. The rated current type EDC is the continuous feed energy and can be transmitted for 100% of the duty cycle. The current form corresponds to that of a converter input current (with 4% choke), therefor this unit is suitable for standard industrial networks.


  • small compact size
  • rated current range 200A to 1200A
  • high flexibility: mains voltages 400, 460 and 500V
  • frequency 40-60Hz
  • low-loss and high-quality IGBT power element
  • self-synchronising DC bus coupling of several drive controllers possible
  • no mains connection of the variable frequency drive required!
  • monitoring of mains voltage, phase rotation and temperature
  • high efficiency of > 99% due to effective real time control and analogous operational principle
  • user-friendly start-up, as no programming or settings are required
  • the power of the feed units may be customized to the application.
  • due to the innovative circuit concept, the feed unit is maintenance-free
  • Duty cycle =100%