Supply and regen units

Revcon Front End with or without pre-charge circuit for the DC-Bus 

The REVCON® RFE enables full energy flow in both directions. In drive mode the drive is fed by the RFE, in case of regenerative currents the energy is directed back to the mains. This way the energy is not wasted like e.g., when using a brake chopper.

The continuously starting regen process makes sure there is only small voltage raise within the DC-Bus, compared to brake choppers. The feeding function of the Revcon Front End units, enables the supply of several drive controllers through the DC-Bus, with the use of only one central REVCON® RFE module. Due to this function, the mains connection of the drives is no longer required. The pre-charging connection of the RFE B3/D3 limits the inrush current to permissible values. RFE B2/D2 does not have a pre-charge circuit for the DC-Bus capacities. This version can be connected to drives which have their own pre-charge circuit when fed through the DC-Bus. The Revcon Front End unit REVCON® RFE is optimized for applications where many Drives are installed, like e.g. crane installations and textile or printing machinery. But the RFE can also be connected to a single drive in order to upgrade to 4Q drive.
The rated current of the RFE model is the continuous feed power and can be transmitted for 100% of the duty cycle. The drive and regen current waveform mainly corresponds to the wave form of a converter input current and is thus suitable for standard industrial networks.


  • small compact size
  • braking energy of drive systems is regenerated into the network
  • no mains connection of the variable frequency drive required!
  • the power can be perfectly adapted to the application
  • output range 4kW to 300kW
  • high flexibility: mains voltages between 230, 400, 460, 500 and 690V
  • network frequency 40-60Hz
  • DC intermediate circuit coupling of several drive controllers possible
  • low-loss and high-quality IGBT power unit
  • self-synchronizing
  • high reliability: electronic overload protection in feedback operation
  • monitoring of mains voltage, phase rotation and temperature very high efficiency of > 99%/>98% (Drive/Regen mode) by effective real time controlling and analog operation principle
  • enables highly dynamic braking operations
  • user-friendly start-up: no programming or parameter settings are required
  • Significant reduction of heat loss by regenerative operation.
  • due to the innovative concept, the power feedback unit is maintenance-free
    duty cycle=100%