REVCON – unique Power Quality and Regen Energy solutions

Our products are designed based on our 3 main principles:

1. Universal

REVCON products are used with all brands on the market, and therefore require to be universal and simple. Just Plug & Play!

2. Efficient

REVCON Focus on the solutions with the highest efficiency. Therefore REVCON solutions create up to 75% less powerloss, at the same or better performance.

3. Durable

Against the trend on most markets, REVCON Produce high quality products, designed for decades, without any predetermined breaking point

Harmonic Filter – RHF-5P/-8P

REVCON Harmonic Filter – RHF-5P and RHF-8P – are passive double stage filter. These Filter reduces the THDi of variable frequency drives (VFD) or other similar non-linear loads and sources to significantly below 5% THDI ( 8% THDi) even under realistic circumstances including imbalance and pre-distortion.

Regen units

Compared to the brake chopper, the REVCON® RLD is using regenerative braking instead of converting the energy into heat. The energy is fed into the network through a patented inverting procedure.


The RHF-Active is a active harmonic filter used to avoid mains distortion caused by any non-linear load. The RHF-Active may be used for pf correction, unbalance compensation, harmonic mitigation or altogether. It reduces the harmonic current distortion of non-linear loads and sources to any required THDi. This is necessary to reach various standards and recommendations, such as IEEE 519-2014. The compact size and unique efficiency is reached by using SiC based power modules.

Underestimated high harmonics

Harmonics are not limited to the low-frequency range below 50th order. High switching systems are infecting our networks with distortion in the frequency range 2.5-9kHz which lead to damages and complex problems. REVCON filters effectively eliminate harmonics up to about the 200th order and do not cause any interference in the higher frequency range.


Learn how harmonics occur and how to avoid them. Our seminar is separated into two parts. The first part is explaining the basics. The second part is focusing on different solution for drives.

Testing services

With precise, innovative and reliable testing systems, we offer you our measurement and testing services.


Take action before mains feedback turn into production downtimes!


REVCON pursues and continuously implements possibilities to improve environmental, occupational and quality management aspects.