The NEW RHF-Hybrid

The new RHF-Hybrid range combines the benefits of the passive and active technologies and at the same time eliminates their disadvantages.

A circuit similar to the RHF-8P is eliminating the mayor part of the Harmonics while the active filter takes care of the fine-tuning in harmonic performance. In part load, any passive harmonic filter will cause a reactive current. As the harmonic current is low in part load, the RHF-Hybrid use the resources of the active filter component and eliminates the reactive power.

In addition the active filter component control the switching of the two passive filter circuits, which allows to size the active component to about 10% of the RHF-Hybrid rating, which makes the Hybrid not only superior in performance, but also competitive in price.

This diagram show the smooth true power factor of the RHF-Hybrid. Close to 1 at any operating point.
The harmonic performance of the RHF-Hybrid is unique, even for strong distorted networks.

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