Harmonic filter for feed and regen unit RHF-R

Passive harmonic mitigation on regenerative currents

The REVCON® harmonic filter RHF-RA / RB reduces harmonic distortion of the current caused by regenerative modules such as RLD, RHD or RFE. .

The REVCON RHF-RA / RB is a passive filter. It is not tuned to individual frequencies like an absorption circuit, but works like a bandstop filter, reducing all low harmonics up to the 50th significantly.

For a comparison, the circuit feedbacks of variable frequency drives and regen units are shown evaluated by the THiD (total harmonic distortion of the line current) at the nominal point of the electric rectifier/inverter in the following table:


4% uk choked
6 puls rectifier
Regen unit
without RHF-RA/RB
Regen unit
with RHF-RA
Regen unit
with RHF-RB
40 % 40 % < 16 % < 10 %

If the system is almost exclusively operating with regen units or in a public energy supply network, the use of RHF-RA / RB provides long lasting reduction of the harmonic load of the low-voltage system. The passive harmonic filter REVCON RHF-RA / RB represents an effective, inexpensive and very efficient (?>98.5%) action to reduce the harmonic distortion. Only in connection with option EST.