Active REVCON Harmonic Filter

RHF-Active is a high efficient design used to avoid mains distortion caused by any non-linear load

The RHF-Active is available as a 3-level IGBT based filter, but also as unique Silicon Carbide (SiC – MOSFET) based Active Filter! These technologies offers significant benefits in performance and efficiency.

The efficiency of a SiC harmonic filter is >98% and therefore produce about 57% less heat than comparable solutions based on IGBT technology. Looking at the RHF-Active as a Harmonic solution for drives, the system efficiency is >99.3%. For drives <200kW this is even more efficient than RHF two-stage passive harmonic filter.

The efficiency of a 3-Level IGBT based Harmonic filter is >97% and therefore produce 41% less heat, than comparable solutions based on 2-Level IGBT Technology. Looking at the RHF-Active as a harmonic solution for drives, the system efficiency is >99%.

Das RHF-Active kann für Blindleistungskompensationen, Ausgleich von unsymmetrischen Belastungen, zur Vermeidung von Oberschwingungen verwendet werden oder zeitgleich alle Netzverzerrungen bedämpfen. Für die Eliminierung von Oberschwingungen kann der THDi auf ein beliebiges Niveau skaliert werden, um Normen oder Richtlinien wie beispielsweise die IEEE519-2014 einzuhalten.

The RHF-Active may be used for pf correction, unbalance compensation, harmonic mitigation or altogether. It reduces the harmonic current distortion of non-linear loads and sources to any required THDi. This is necessary to reach various standards and recommendations, such as IEEE 519-2014.

A high switching frequency allows for efficient and accurate compensation of high order harmonics up to 61st. Due to its unique circuit, the RHF-Active is extremely efficient which allows for a very compact design. All RHF-Active can be used as 3P4W or 3P3W for 380-415V systems (further voltage levels coming soon!). Unlimited current possibilities due to open end in parallel setup!

RHF Aktiv Diagramm

The working principle of an active REVCON Harmonic Filter RHF-Active is completely different from any other harmonic solution. Instead of working as a line filter with tuned passive filter circuits, the active solution is connected in parallel and injects harmonics. These injected harmonics are of inversed polarity and therefore eliminate the harmonics taken from the supply.

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